Your students can excel after COVID learning loss.

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Plan and Adapt Now

Develop a strategy to help students with grade level learning loss

Ensure the Continuity of Core Services

Leverage synchronous and asynchronous delivery types for distance and in-person learning for MLLs.

Engage all Stakeholders for Success

Support your team with a Decision Matrix as you develop a learning loss strategy

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Webinar Notes

Download and print this handout to make the most of the webinar.

COVID-19 Student Learning Recovery

Our guide to preparing for reopening in the fall.

Responding to Education for Multilingual and Culturally Diverse Learners After COVID-19 & Beyond

The Opportunity for Integrated Instruction With Targeted Support


Download the slides from the webinar here.

Students are expected to enter the 2020-2021 school year with only a percentage of typical learning gains from the previous year.





*According to this report from NWEA.


We can help you succeed as you reopen your school.

As educators, we understand how daunting helping a full school of students suffering from significant learning loss. Although COVID school closures are unprecedented, we have worked with schools suffering from disparate learning loss before.

In fact, we’ve been helping schools move from “designated to improve” to wildly successful for decades. The issues school leaders will face reopening in 2020 are similar to those regularly faced by leaders of struggling schools.

We can help you make 2020-2021 your best school years ever.

Be ready to:


Ensure social and emotional supports are in place for all your students


Develop a strategy to help students with grade level learning loss


Re-establish connections with students, families and teachers


Re-ignite the interests and channel the motivation of students

What other school leaders are saying about us:

I have known Joe since 2015 and continue to professionally rely on his vast knowledge and experience as it pertains to outcome oriented education transformation.  His depth in research based practices is coupled with his vast experiences with implementation.  This is what sets his partnership apart from others- he knows and has implemented the work.   His approach is always centered on sustainability of practice with the clients he partners with.  It is without hesitation that not only will I continue to tap into Joe’s expertise but will also never miss the opportunity to recommend to others they do the same.

Dr. Scott Springston

Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, USD 443 Dodge City Public Schools

A generation of learners has been affected by COVID-19. Don’t miss the chance to help them succeed in spite of it.

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