Use this mini-audit to analyze your instructional framework to identify ONE HIGH LEVERAGE ACTION to support integrated and inclusive grade-level accelerated learning. 



It can be tricky to know where to focus your efforts while attending to unfinished learning.

In our experience, you need a shared instructional framework that attends to grade-level instruction with targeted support for all students.

You want to ensure your asynchronous and synchronous delivery models are efficient in producing the student outcomes you expect.

Reimagine your assessment continuum and how to use just in time assessment practices to immediately inform and accelerate student learning.

After the Mini-Audit, you will have a straightforward process to improve student learning in order to get the maximum results.

Steps in Your Unfinished Learning Mini-Audit


 Contact us


   Complete a Short Survey


 Meet with us 


        Get Customized Resources Prepared Just for You


Implement the Strategy

COST $99.00 per school                                                                              


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Long Distance CALL

There will be a moment when someone asks you to assess your remote or hybrid learning model.  We worked with experts in school leadership to assess leadership practices in the remote teaching and learning school environment.  Long Distance CALL uses a distributed leadership lens to measure school-wide practices that enhance teaching and learning through an online comprehensive survey.  Upon completion of the survey, school and district leaders receive immediate action-based data to support school improvement.

Transforming your school is more simple than you think.

1. Schedule a Consultation

Every school is unique, so we will take the time to learn about your situation and to develop a plan.

2. Design an Program Together

Work with our expert team to learn and implement the turn-around skills we’ve spent our careers developing.

3. Become an A+ School

Enjoy the benefits of leading a winning school for years to come.

Student and Family Engagement for Multilingual, Exceptionally Abled, & Culturally Diverse Families post-pandemic and beyond

Join us to hear our panelists, Dafny J. Irizarry, President, Long Island Latino Teachers Association (LILTA), Dr. Alex Marrero, Interim Superintendent, City School District of New Rochelle, and Dr. Nichelle Rivers President, Nassau County Alliance of Black School Educators. Hosted by Fostering Quality Schools with special guests, Dr. Aurelia Henriquez and Dr. Mark Blitz. Family engagement and learning are inextricably linked, especially for our most vulnerable students, families, and caregivers. Our panelists share their expertise and systems approach to authentic communication and student engagement. Learn more about professional learning activities that will help visualize what’s working. 

Check out our free resources for Family and Caregiver Enagagement and Long Distance Call Leadership Asssessment Tool for Remote Learning.