Essentials in Planning for High-Quality Blended Learning Webinar Resources

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Plan and Adapt Now

Develop a strategy to help students with grade level learning loss

Ensure the Continuity of Core Services

Leverage synchronous and asynchronous delivery types for distance and in-person learning for MLLs.

Engage all Stakeholders for Success

Support your team with a Decision Matrix as you develop a learning loss strategy

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FQS-Essentials-in-Planning-for-High-Quality-Blended-Learning Paper

The global pandemic has forced us to confront unprecedented challenges. Teachers, principals, school support staff are doing heroic work to offer stability for students and families during this crisis by rethinking response and instruction. School and district leaders must continue to take strategic actions that require a nimble and agile response as new information arrives. Strategic planning requires complex choices that have a direct impact on student outcomes for years to come.

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