The Return Chronicles

Designed to help prepare school leaders for return to school following Covid-19 related shut downs.


Middle School Leader

Middle School Leader

Introducing Nicole Sabatier, MS Principal, Middletown, CA Mrs. Sabatier shares her collaborative approach to equitably serving students during remote learning. She has innovative ideas about moving forward as she models the way and challenges the process. Thank you,...

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Student and Family Engagement for Multilingual, Exceptionally Abled, & Culturally Diverse Families post-pandemic and beyond

Join us to hear our panelists, Dafny J. Irizarry, President, Long Island Latino Teachers Association (LILTA), Dr. Alex Marrero, Interim Superintendent, City School District of New Rochelle, and Dr. Nichelle Rivers President, Nassau County Alliance of Black School Educators. Hosted by Fostering Quality Schools with special guests, Dr. Aurelia Henriquez and Dr. Mark Blitz. Family engagement and learning are inextricably linked, especially for our most vulnerable students, families, and caregivers. Our panelists share their expertise and systems approach to authentic communication and student engagement. Learn more about professional learning activities that will help visualize what’s working. 

Check out our free resources for Family and Caregiver Enagagement and Long Distance Call Leadership Asssessment Tool for Remote Learning.